May 29, 2005

THe scarf

In its morning glory at our new bench.

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May 28, 2005

New room

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Who said you have to BUILT a new room for your daughter? Sometimes it is much easier. We have got a new patio furniture so Hanna got the old and (I have to admit) almost ruined set up in the back yard. But she is happy to have her own room with 2 chairs and a sofa. She will have some privacy to play there, invite guests when they visit, have tea parties and have agood view over the area. We will decorate it later and maybe even her turtle sandbox will go there.
We have been to IKEA and got beautiful things there in addition to things Kenneth and Hanna got before. Tommorrow I will try to take some pictures of our patio novelties. It is so nice to came back from work and rest there with a cup of tea!

My shawl is done, I tried to take some pictures of it tonight can see
ll Posted by Hello. I am working now on little fingerless mittens to go with it and then I will have to wait to give it to my friend.

My job is nice, the office is good though I work in a cubicle. It is not complicated so far, very secretarial/administrative like but it makes me feel I am resting at work. My family is fine too, Hanna is doing great with the daddy and he finally admitted that "sitting at home with a baby" has nothing to do with words like "relaxing", "doing nothing" or even "sitting". It is so nice now as I am driven to and from the metro and it is so sweet when upon approaching the waiting car I see the smiley face of my daughter with a big yellow hand(as used by sport fans) waving to me and laughing. Then she says(in Polish): Hi, Mama, where have you been? And believe me it feels so great to hear that!

May 22, 2005

Shawl progress

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I didn't knit as much as I thought I would. I also thought that I would spend that last week cooking dinners to be frozen for my family, baking cookies, cleaning the apartment etc. I did nothing! And I feel great about it! Relaxed, rested, ready for work.
We did our garden with my husband yesterday and as he is not currently working we just had a very nice time!

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We had a grill almost every day on the patio and for me it was just perfect as I didn't have to neither cook nor clean too much!
Tomorrow I will go to work so it will also be my first knitting-in-the-metro day. I have several knitting projects in mind. I will knit a navy style sweater fro hanna, blue dress for her, white cabled one for her and felted bad for myself. It shold keep me busy all summer!!!

May 19, 2005

Vogue, vogue, vogue

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Sorry for just picture posts but I had a problem accessing my account.
Yes, it is the scarve from the latest Vogue and although it would look better if the yarn was in one colour I think it will be great.
The other project will be a felted bag as I found some blue and navy blue woll at the thrift store.

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I have an idea to make a bag for my knitting in the metro on my way to work. I want to use the pattern from traditional Polish embroidery from Kaszuby region (not my home region though) but I am having problems finding the motives in the internet. Of course my region has also specyfic motives for embroidery but those are even more difficult to find if I am in the USA.
If you are courious what they look like check these
embroidery motives

May 14, 2005


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I finished my greeen top yesterday evening and asked the husband to take some pictures of me. All of them were bad:either blusrry or I looked like very tired , old lady or a lady with big breasts. So The first thing this morning I went to my patio and rook a picture of myslef(thanks God for a new automatic digital camera). It is a b it too bright but blame the early morning sun.
My husband said last night that i do nt really need all that but that I knit to be able to post on my blog and show everybody pictures so everybody admire me.
I swatched for a new project but then left my knitting (and my new book, and 3 pillows, and a table, and an antique chair and laundry that just dried on a rack) outside when we went shopping and wen we returned everything was soaking wet because of the storm. I am most upset about wet yarn though...

May 12, 2005

New project

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I am looking for inspiration. I have got that yarn at some yarn sale, I have only 3 balls and I am wondering if it will be enough for a summer top.
Thanks a lot for your concern and warm words. I have to focus on the positives: we didn't move yet so there is no problem with the accomodation (we didn't even told the landlady we are moving), I will start my job soon (23rd I think) and Ken started already looking for a new job. Wehere we live now is much better for Hanna, better for me (no marc train necessity) and maybe easier to spend summer-lots of greenery, nearby parks and playgrounds. Also we didn't start the renovation there yet so no money was really invested. Of course we spent a lot of savings as the store wasn't making enough money yet-there were money we were saving for some time since last year for our trip to Mexico. But Mexico can wait, we can go in October. Good thing that Ken like a typical American pioneer, didn't get depressed and "moves on".

May 11, 2005

Yarn Harlot reader

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I gopt this afternnon to the playground with Hanna and obvoiusly I took my knitting with me and "At knit's end" to read. And after she was done sliding, swinging and running she got into my "toys". SAhe tried to read the book and took it to have a slide and nearly ruined it. My daughter is such an angel to let me knit at her presence and trying sometimes to mimic me. She looks so cute holding my knits. I cannot wait for her to learn to knit herself. I suspect it will drive my husband crazy.
Sad news-we will not move to Baltimore, we will not have the store there. His business partner lied to my husband and tried to trick us. Luckily my husband was smart enough to have a lawyer on his side and all lies revealed. Sad though.

First humidity

The summer weather almost started here and I feel so bad. I hate humidity!
I knit like a crazy and my green top is almost done and I am a bit panicked as I do not know what to knit next!!!

May 9, 2005

Good book, knitting and red wine evening

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It was a lazy Sunday. We spent half of the day at my in-laws celebrating Mother's Day but it was still a lot of time in the evening with nothing to watch for me (I do not like The contender unlike my husband) but a good Polish book, knitting and red wine. I hope I will ba able to wear my green top to work. I hope they aren't so conservative not to let me.

May 7, 2005

Real simple

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Real Simple that it is to knit. i love the cotton yarn,. I love my wooden needles, I love the pattern I invented.
Soon I will be another metro knitter! It takes about 50 minutes to get downtown but I cannot wait! I love trains, buses (call me crazy), reading books or just watching different people. Maybe I will even go by bike to the metro and that would be very cool and European, yes? The only problem is that to came back home it is really up the hill and I didn't ride the bike since last spring...
I cannot wait to start working mostly because of money-O, how uggly it sounds. But we really need them now as the store doesn't develop as nicely as we thought it would.

May 6, 2005

I have got the job!!!

I was called today by the recruiter with a great news that they want to offer me a position!!! And, believe it or not, I negotiated $1000 more than they offered. I feel so proud now!!! This will be my first real job in the USA.

May 5, 2005

What was I thinking?

Last year I started making my green top and now I tried it on. Hmmm, I have no idea what was I thinking as the arm shaping started below my bust line! I had to rip the entire thing!!!! At least someone had fun doing it

My inspiration comes from an old Verena magazine:

I did great at my job interview and expect to be contacted to negotiate the contract. I found a day care for Hanna-not a perfect one but temporarily it will have to do.

May 2, 2005

One done next to go

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Here it is, the little pink top almost done. I just need to crochet a little string to place round the neck or buy a nice silk twist I will see.
And as I cannot live without knitting I got my last year's project from underneath a sofa (my yarn stash place). I started it last year but kind of got discouraged as the weather changed as soon as I came back to US. It is a very nice cotton yarn made in Poland and I almost invented a pattern for it. I stole the idea a little from an old Verena magazine, when I find it I will post a picture.

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May 1, 2005

Little princess in the garden

Every year we go to the National Arboretum to take advantage of the blossoming azaleas. Aren't they lovely? We always buy an extra fancy dress for Hanna just for that occasion. Believe me usually we do not spoil her...I hope you forgive me for posting so many pictures of her. There is one of me-I am wearing my last summer's top I knitted while spending vacations in Poland. I never got a chance to wear it as when it was done as it got too cold.

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I love to garden, I love sunny days when all nature grows, when all is wet from the rain. My pumpkins, beans, peas and others are getting bigger every day. I love to watch them grow.